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Sintex Water Storage Tank

Sintex Water Storage Tank is typically utilised for large-scale outdoor applications and pressurized tanks are used for inside purposes. This is mostly available in black color. This tank is safe to use and very easy to clean. This helps in the proper storage of water for a longer time. 

Intermediate Bulk Containers

Intermediate Bulk Containers can hold a large amount of water, and their adaptable form and mobility make them ideal for this purpose. These tanks are commonly found on construction sites or in huge warehouses, but they have a variety of additional applications.

Pilot Spray Gun

Pilot Spray Gun provides a large nozzle variety to fulfill the highest quality standards and ensure material-saving procedures. This enables extremely high application rates. This has great spraying results, material savings, and long-term environmental protection due to reduced overspray.

HDPE Double Corrugated Pipe

HDPE Double Corrugated Pipe will greatly improve the efficiency with which municipalities, urban conglomerates, and enterprises handle their wastewater and rainwater. This type of technology will preserve not only the environment but also your assets. This is safe to use. 

Sintex Industrial Chemical Storage Tank

Sintex Industrial Chemical Storage Tank is a chemical storage container that is frequently utilized in the chemical industry. This tank is available in a range of sizes and forms and is used for static storage, processing, mixing, and transportation of both raw materials and finished chemical products.

Sintex Industrial Pallets

Industrial Pallets are simply easier and less expensive to produce a consistent product from a batch of black-dyed plastic than it is to sort recycled plastic by hue. They are tested under different parameters to ensure their high quality and long-lasting durability.


Industrial Crates

Industrial Cratesare known for their unique features like maintenance-free, Lightweight, robust in nature, long lasting and safe to use. To meet the unique needs of our customers, we provide these crates in a variety of sizes and dimensions at the most reasonable pricing.


Insulated Boxes

Insulated Boxes just keep the initial temperature and protect the interior from outside elements. They are utilized as a part of a cold chain to keep products fresh and effective. They keep commodities cold, frozen, or at a set temperature for long-distance transportation.


Insulated Vaccine Carrier

The insulated Vaccine Carrier is packed with conditioned ice packs to keep vaccines and diluents cool during transit from the health center's collecting store or on trips to outreach sites. This is a soft, canvas-type carrier, and according to experience, has a shorter life period.

Sintex Fuel Storage Tanks

Sintex Fuel Storage Tanks are designed to store fuels. Inside and out, it is completely corrosion-resistant. Removes the requirement for cathodic protection. Light weight, portable, and simple to install, it removes the need for RCC bunkers and saves money.

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